Teens Addicted To Phones- About Half our Youth is Addicted to Smartphone’s Check out:

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You might have your own opinion, some people have feared off but about to the research shows that there is the half of the teens have the obsession of their smartphones.


Common sense media conducted a pool just to take an analysis of how much they are actively used their smartphones. Just to take information, the media took an interviewed of 1,240 parents and their children, about their phones usage.


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According to the Study How Teens Are Addicted to Phones:

After that, as a result, they have found, half of American teens confess that they are smartphones addict, 56% of parents are aware of their teen’s addiction. Just how often are these teens using their phones? 58% percent of teens admit that they are completely addicted to their phones, they check out the phone every half an hour for seeing the text, messages and social media notification.


Why teens what to check their phones so commonly? Although now a day’s teens are much addicted to social media sites, this is another reason why teens addicted to phones. And there are many apps that addict you to use your cell phones.


72%percent of teens own up that they feel the sense to check notifications and reply to the text as soon as they come in. Even if they want to relax or they won’t use their phone, but notification won’t let them do that.


There are not only the teens but other age group are also spending huge time on screen, the age group between 8 to 12 are spending more time on different media for up to six hours per day. When these children’s enter in the teens their spending time increased they spend 9 hours on media.


According to the study, we have also found that the constant use of their smartphones builds a feeling of fights with their parents, they found stressed, in depression and in anxiety.


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How Can You Get Off Teens From Smartphones Addictions?

Here in this section, we will tell you how you can help them or guide them to get off from this smartphone addiction.

Define some limits:

Just create some limits regarding the use of the cellphone in your homes, like teens won’t allow using their phone while study or while having breakfast, lunch or dinner. So through this, you can help out the teens to get off from addictions.

Be the representation:

When you’re with the teens, be a model and keep your phones away. Parents showed that the smartphone addiction is not restricted only to teens. It for them also, to try to cut off your addictions so in this way teens also try to get off their addiction.

Support them to socialize in-person:

Tell you teens to have friends, so that they can spend time together with the people as an alternative of texting back and forth. Moreover, they can go out as well for some shopping and for club and for lunch and dinner.

At Last:

“In my opinion, these smartphones effect our lives and destroying us, teens are addicted to phones and creating so many problems with them, so we have to use our phones when required.”


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