Samsung Pay vs Google Wallet and Apple Pay- Its Smartphones That Changes Payment Methods

Samsung pay vs Google Wallet and Android pay- its smartphones that Change payment methods: this is mainly arising on mobile finder-the knowledge sharing platform here listed question is answer by our authors in a creative and diverse way.


In this modern world and in this fast moving world, money isn’t what we used to think about anymore, it's absolutely changed for many year money is in the form of bills or coins that people carry in their pockets or wallets.


We used to hate when we left our wallet or credit card at our home and that is it so embraces that you won’t be able to pay for the stuff.

Now we are in this fast world that our wallets are replaced by our smartwatches or smartphones. Instead of using your debit card or credit card just to pay for the meal, shopping bills is replaced by your smartphone all you need to do is just open up your smartphone to a retail workstation and be on your way.


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So we have three types of mobile wallets that are most dominating right now, while it’s an arguable discussion which is more used and which is the best in this three Samsung pay, Google Wallet, and Apple pay.


As there is no uncertainty that our future wallets will be these three according to the Smartphone what you are using, Samsung pay vs Google Wallet and Apple pay.


Samsung Pay:

Samsung is considered as the new payment platform, Samsung pay is work the same as Android pay and Apple pay, Samsung Pay works very similarly to Android Pay. It's an app that lets you bring up your supported debit, credit, loyalty and gift cards, which can then be imitate using the phone to pay in different stores.


The MST widens Samsung Pay support in places we go each and every day, so in the event, there’s no NFC-based terminal, users can revert to the MST method, which you’ll find to be more commonplace.


Pros: Works on more terminals thanks to the addition of MST.


Cons: Device support is limited to recent Galaxy Smartphone’s only.


No of banks that supports: 133


No of Countries that supports: 2 (US & South Korea)

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Apple Pay:

Apple Pay, which launched Oct. 20, 2014, is a iOS mobile payment method that uses your device to make payments on NFC-enabled credit card terminals at the point.


iPhone users are the targeted audience, and the technology can cover phones from the iPhone 5 series if you have an Apple Watch. If not, you need to have iPhone 6 or later version those which have Touch ID.


Enter or scan your credit card information into Apple's Wallet app on an iPhone. In a store that accepts Apple Pay, all you have to do is bring your iPhone near the reader with your finger on the Touch ID.


Pros: very simple and secure.


Cons: Not accepted everywhere


No of retailer: More than 4 million retail stores


No of Countries that supports: 2 (US & UK)


Samsung pay vs Google wallet and Apple pay- its smartphones that changes payment methods-03


Google Wallet:

Google Wallet was one of the first NFC payment systems on the market, but its adoption rate was slow as best, it’s due to the lack of support from carriers.


Google Wallet will be pre-installed on Android devices sold by U.S. carriers, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, starting later this year.


Pros: Google Wallet looks and feels like Gmail, which means the UX is clean and user-friendly.


Cons: Not only does Wallet require a Google account, but you can only request money from people in your email or mobile contacts


No of Countries that supports: 2( USA & UK)



Samsung pay vs Google wallet and Apple pay- its smartphones that changes payment methods

Samsung Pay vs Google Wallet which is best?

 So both the payment methods are good enough, if we see Google’s services, being available on most of the Android devices sold in the west, but adoption is quite slow then we have found just because of the carrier support.  The best thing about the Google wallet you can use it on any device either it is apple or windows or any android phone.


In comparison with both Samsung is very new payment method but it is very good because it provides both The MST widens, NFC-based terminal.  But it only works on Samsung devices. So this is the drawback, the target audience of Samsung is less than Google wallet.

At Last:

“in my opinion, both are good enough and both will be the future payment method, both of them require some more advancement hopefully they will do that in future.”


Hope you like this post of us, its Smartphone that changes payment methods.

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