How to Stop Someone Hacking your Phone- Save Your Phone From Robbers

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Phone hacking prevention is a hot topic; if you have forgotten your phone or left it at home for the day, you will have realized just how much you use it.


Unsecured mobile phones are among the top seven major causes of security break and your mobile number is all a hacker needs to start the attack.


Using your number, hackers can send you text messages, when u clicked allows them to read your text listen to whom you are talking and even track your whereabouts.


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This article we will you How to stop someone hacking your phone, this contains data that will set you up with the goal that you can shield yourself and your friends and family from being the following casualties of a PDA or the casualties of having your protection possess by programmers.


How to Stop Someone Hacking Your Phone:

Here are the precautions of how to stop someone hacking your phone, check it out.


Use a Password:

Use password, if you used a password you feel secure in that case, keep the phone password strong as much as you can.


Don't share passwords with anyone else. Even when you make an exception for someone you trust deeply to help you out in a fix, such as a spouse, change the password after they've helped you.


Don't share your phone passwords with anyone at work or in social contexts. Shield input of passwords when in public.


This is the one methods through which stop someone hacking your phone.


Backup your Data:

This is the other thing how to stop someone hacking your phone, save a backup copy of the important thing, attached files or photos you have on your Smartphone, keep the backups on your PC, laptop, and tablet and on a cloud as well.



Another thing is How to stop someone hacking your phone if you have Bluetooth enabled, make sure 'Discoverable' mode in your phone is off. This helps your phone from being detected by others scanning for Bluetooth devices in your area.


Then you need to install other security software and antivirus in your phones, so in this way, you can be secured your data will not be hacked.


how to stop someone hacking your phone- save your phone from robbers


There are apps that help you How to stop someone hacking your phone in your phone that allows you to remotely used and operate your phone.


To resolve the issue, he can chat with the end user, transfer files, kill processes, and uninstall apps.


Remote Control

Screen Sharing

Chat Support

Unattended Remote Access


File Transfer and much more if you are using an operating system, 5.0+ then you can avail this Android Remote Support. In this way, you can stop someone hacking your phone.

At Last:

As there are many hackers nowadays, to secure your phone from them is very important as it contains lots of your personal information, so to secure your phone you first need to install antivirus on your phone.”


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