How to Quit Whatsapp Addiction- That Usually Kills Your Time, Here Are Some Useful Suggestions

How to quit whatsapp addiction- that usually kills your time, here are some useful suggestions: this is mainly arising on mobile finder-the knowledge sharing platform here listed question is answer by our authors in a creative and diverse way.


Whatsapp is quite useful application and instant messaging apps, it connects you with your family, friends and your relatives too. But people have the addiction to this app and many of the users wasted their precious time while chatting with their friends and while posting different thing on to different groups.


Another fact that I found is that WhatsApp has more than 800 million monthly active users and around 64 billion messages send and received via whatsApp and those users are that most of the people are who have whatsapp addiction.


As we have many queries that people asked us how they can quit or reduce whatsapp addiction. So here in this post of us How to quit whatsapp addiction, we are going to tell you some useful tips that will help you out in a better way.


Some Useful Tips:

Here in this section of our this blog post, we will tell you some tips and tricks are will going to help you in reducing or quitting whatsapp addiction.


How to quit whatsapp addiction- that usually kills your time, here are some useful suggestions


Uninstalled Whatsapp:

The best and very easy way to get rid of the whatsapp addition is uninstalled the application from your phone. Its sounds madly but I tell you this is the best thing that helps you in quit whatsapp addiction. This will help you avoid wasting your time onto this app, all you have to do is just simply navigate to the Settings>Apps>WhatsApp>Uninstall.


Quit Whatsapp Addiction Simple Disable Notification:

The most crucial and very important thing that will help you out in reducing addiction, is to disable all the whatsapp notification,  if you want to disable the whatsapp notification then you have done these step settings>apps>WhatsApp> notifications, by doing this you won’t receive any notifications.


Eradicate the Shortcut Icon From the Home:

If you don’t want to uninstall the whatsapp, removing the shortcut from the main menu will help you out in quit whatsapp obsession and also saves your valuable time.


Mute WhatsApp Groups and Leave The Needless Ones:

In the updated version of whatsapp you are able to mute the group, because these groups disturb you every time, group members posted things on to it and you get notify and you get distracted and waste your time while chatting, and there are some needless group so it’s better to leave it, so in this way you can save your time and suspend whatsapp addiction.


How to quit whatsapp addiction- that usually kills your time, here are some useful suggestions-01

Don’t Change Your Whatsapp DP’s and Status on Regular Basis:

If you really want to suspend the whatsapp obsession, then don’t update your DP's and status on daily basis, Keep in mind that Whatsapp is the instant messaging app and it is not photo-sharing app like Instagram or Facebook. So avoid doing this thing and stay away.

Make Schedule:

Avoid checking WhatsApp chats after on every single minute or second and make the schedule for when you use whatsapp, use whatsapp in the leisure time. Avoid using WhatsApp in your working hours

Do New Things and Develop New Hobbies:

To quit whatsapp addiction start reading different books, blogs, and articles.

Go outside visit your neighbor.

Travel visits your relatives.

Instead of checking whatsapp go outside and play your favorite outdoor game.

You can also go for shopping too.

At Last:

“In my opinion, the use of anything in an overloaded way always have a drawback, so use it when it required and when you are free and in your leisure time.”


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