Google is Going To Change Its Operating System -The New OS Named

Google is Going To Change Its Operating System -The New OS Named” Fuchsia”: this is mainly arising on Mobile Finder-the knowledge sharing platform here listed question is answer by our community in a creative manner.


CONFUSED? Don’t be. Yup this is true Google Start working on a new operating system.  But nobody knows actually what’s it for.


The project named as” Fuchsia” and it is currently growing the pile of code on the search massive code stockpile and on GitHub, too.


The hatchlings Operating System having lots of new features, but Google won’t go disclosed its intended features.


As we all know it’s a new start-up from Google side, as the operating system does won’t use the Linux kernel a core of basic code that underpins the both Android and Chrome OS.

Google is Going To Change Its Operating System -The New OS Named” Fuchsia” 01


So the question is what is” Fuchsia” for? There have been a number of suggestions; some people think that is used to "unite” Chrome OS and Android into a single platform.


As it is already scheduled to be released in 2017, while others say that it is used to power the Google's OnHub router or third-party Internet of Things devices.


You enter “Fuchsia.” Google’s statement for its new project’s GitHub page is simply, “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia”. Not very revealing, is it? When you get into Fuchsia’s documentation, everything starts to make a little more sense.


On Which Google New Operating System Based:

First, there’s the Magenta kernel based on the ‘LittleKernel’ project. Just like with Linux and Android, the Magenta kernel powers the larger Fuchsia operating system.


The purpose of designing this magenta as an opponent to beneficial set in OSes, such as FreeRTOS or ThreadX.


Google is Going To Change Its Operating System -The New OS Named” Fuchsia”


If we look around so we can find that magenta designed to scale much better, enabling Magenta to work on set in devices, like smartphones, and PCs.


But that’s about the kernel? What about the left OS, It might be possible that Google new operating system is using Flutter for the better UI, moreover dart for the programming language.


And other most important thing for enhancing the UI, Google is using Escher so it seems Flutter and Escher could be designed for the Material UI design.


As we all know that the new operating system Fuchsia supports both 32-bit and 64-bit ARM CPUs, as well as 64-bit PCs. If you are technically sound then, you can compile it by your own for your PC’s.


Google new operating system Fuchsia. Is one step further in the field of technology, we all are looking for this new operating system, hope we will see this as soon as possible.


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