Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus WhatsApp# +18582527657 FREE SHIPPING


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WHATSAPP # +17075748774 All prices are wholesale and includes Insurance, Tax and Postage Fees. We are offering free postage Apple iPhone X 70,000PKR Apple iPhone 8 And 8 Plus (64/256 GB) Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone 8 (64/256 GB) 60,000 PKR Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64/256 GB) $65,000PKR Apple iPhone 7/7+ 128Gb 40000PKR /45000PKR Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ 64Gb 35,000 PKR /40,0000PKR Colors Available: Colors black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Silver Titan, White Pearl Condition: Brand New (Factory Sealed) Purchased directly from the Apple Store 100% Authentic WHATSAPP # +17075748774

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