Eye Protection App For Android- So Use Your Cell Phone With Protection


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As we are living in the age of technology, we have so many things like Smartphone, tablet, and computer as well. People use Smartphone and tablet for long durations may affect their eyesight whether it’s for work or fun, using gadgets including computers, Smartphone, and tablets.


Can unfavorably affect your eyes and lead to eye damage. Unseemly screen brightness settings and extremely bright screens at night time make eye damage. Look intently at a Smartphone or even tablet and computer display; this can also affect your sleep pattern due to the blue light that comes out from the screen.


So for all that issue, we have Eye Protection App for Android, these apps help you to protect your eyes from eye damage.


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Eye Protection App for Android:

Here are many apps for this Eye Protection App for Android, so check it out.


Velis auto brightness.

Blue light filter for eye care

Easy eye free.

Lux light.


The Twilight app is the best app for Eye Protection App for Android; it automatically adjusts the brightness of the device, over the day by reducing the harsh whites and blue lights as the day progresses. Once the app is installed, it starts to add a soft red filter over the display as the time moves on. Twilight is very lovely to the eyes especially at a night; it helps you to read out books.


Velis Auto Brightness:

The Velis Auto Brightness has all the features that you need to control the brightness setting, the Eye Protection App for Android, is the best app and have so many amazing things. It is very good Eye Protection app, that is amazing. You can modify this app as you can, highly customize the app.


Blue Light Filter For Eye Care:

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care app filters blue light comes out from Android Smartphone screens, this will help you to feel more comfortable, relaxed and help you to sleep easily. This app doesn’t decrease the brightness of the screen but adjusts the blue screen. The app includes five filters to choose from Yellow, Purple, Brown, Natural and Light Dark. It is an amazing Eye Protection App for Android.


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Easy Eye Free:

EasyEyes helps you when your device screens too bright, it lower the brightness of your phone by going to a setting. It changes your Smartphone screen color and creates a screen filter to decrease eye damage. It is the best Eye Protection App for Android.


Lux Light:

Lux light is the best Eye Protection App for Android, Lux Lite controls the brightness of your phone’s display and letting you regulate how bright you want it to be at different light levels. When you are in different brightness, simply go to the provided Dashboard, adjust the brightness slider to the level you want, lux light save the link of that and use it in future.


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