Cyber Crime Through Social Media- A Hunting Place For Cyber Criminal

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Do you have any kind of scary feeling while you received a link from anyone that is shared by your friend or family? Not because of their pictures, it’s due to your scared about that are these pictures posted by them?


As the interconnectivity of a social media means it is a perfect hunting place for cyber attacks and fast growing of the people are realizing that their "friend" many not, in fact, be their friend.


Cybercrime through social media can be classified into three different categories:


  • Searching for sloppily and openly disclosure of personal data.

  • The use of social media just to connect, exchange the idea and for getting information.

  • The traditional thing, scams, trying to allure you just to hit the post, link or just click on the computer that will enter the malware on the computer.


Cyber crime through social media- A hunting place for cybercriminal:01


The Use of Social Media for Reconnaissance:

Social media is very good platform and hunting area for gathering information of the person who you want to attack off any individual or any company as well.


If you want to know which person is working on which company, what he/she is doing there, or who they are friends with professionally and privately, all these information you can easily get from social media.


To do an attack on anyone will be very easy now if the person gives so many information publicly on social media this is how cyber crime will be done through with the use of social media.


The Use of Social Media for Operates the Booty:

Social media it’s not just the platform where attackers can get the information, it is also used for trading concession data.


Anybody who used is two steps away from finding negotiation financial data in social media.


Cyber crime through social media- A hunting place for cybercriminal:-02


The data is easily gettable and a huge amount of criminals are taking out the information from their own profiles.


On social media provides the perfect place to contact like-minded people.


"Most social networks have no identity verification process and policing them is very hard”. Say’s by the expert.


The essentially having the open use of these sites the war between exposé and security may be only just start up.


Malware and Scams on Social Media:

The start of the malware is just a gateway, but once it comes on your PC it will destroy you badly and then you can victimize if you don’t have any anti-virus on your PC.


With access to the computers received, then an attacker can easily install which can easily hijack the victim's credit details, or it can easily get to know your login information’s.

At Last:

“In my opinion social media is now become the disaster, making our like so difficult technology is growing same way the hackers is becoming powerful, and they are socially victimizing people.” so avoid posting your personal information on social media”.


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