How it Works

How it Works:

How an auction works on Mobile Finder bolee

Auction on Mobile Finder bolee is very simple, you need to register yourself first.

When you click on register it shows you a form that you need to fill up, after that your registration on mobile finder bolee is completed. Then you can sign in on mobile finder bolee by simply fill up user name and password.


When you sign in to your Mobile finder bolee account it shows dashboard, on the left-hand side you can find different options like my account, create the listing, my listing, my message, my feedback and etc.


So if you want to sell a product you need to go to the add listing section, then you need to fill all the fields like title, description, listing category, listing attachment.


When you have filled all the field you need to click on save button. Just to save the listing. If you want to check your listing you can check by simply click on my listing.


If you want to start bidding or you want to purchase products, simply you need to go to the home page, there you can see different categories, go to the desired category, select the product and click on bid button, then add the amount without $ sign.


Now your bid is confirmed, and it shows you a message like” Your max bid is $132 and the seller’s reserve price is $120. Note If this auction ends your bid will be increased to match the reserve”.