Backup Desktop To Google Drive Is Now Replace By Backup And Sync- Backing Up Your Data Is Now Easy

Backup Desktop To Google Drive Is Now Replace By Backup And Sync- Backing Up Your Data Is Now Easy And Much Simpler: that will surely secure your phone this is mainly arising on Mobile Finder-the knowledge sharing forum here listed question is answered by our community in a creative manner.


What’s so important on our cell phone or even on our PC? If you ask people all of them replied it’s our data because your data contains lots of important and so much personal information.  So it’s crucial to store it securely.


We have many applications through which you can store your data and keep track on your backup. 


Google drive also provides you same backing up services, but as we being a user always starve for something better and bigger than before.


So Google brings new tool Backup and Sync by replacing its old Google Drive.




Backup Desktop To Google Drive Is Now Replace By Backup And Sync:


Google is going to launch this new tools backup and sync on 28th of June.


 With Google Backup and Sync tool, you can backup all your important data in a single go.


Now all your important files and personal photos are now on a cloud, you can easily access all of them from anywhere.


This new version of Google Drive is the much more vigorous tool, this allows you to backup and sync all of your files and folders.


It’s necessary to back your files up regularly. It doesn’t matter how you do it.


Google backup and sync is now friendly with Macs and PCs and is known the recent tool of “Google Drive for Mac/PC,” which is included with the Google Photos desktop uploaded.


What Google Said About Its New Tool Backup And Sync?


“On the 28th of June 2017, we will launch backup and sync from Google. A tool is made for help people to backup their important files and photos from their desktop. So they are safe and it is easily accessible, Said by Google”.


Google also said, “Google backup and sync will allow you to pick individual files and folder to backup. Photos and video that backed up can be found in Google photo and Google Drive”.




Google further elaborate, “The documents that are backed up easily open on Google Docs or Google Drive. Spreadsheets that are backed up easily open on Google spreadsheet or Google drive. The PPT files that are backed up easily open on Google presentation or Google drive”.


All of those files will very likely count toward your Google Drive storage limit, too. This will be a very quick way of thumping that 15GB on free accounts.



At a halt, it’s a good shift by the Google and many useful features, people have a request for many years to add some features to Dropbox. For people who are looking for a bit more flexibility in their syncing apps, Google seems like it’s about to become the winning option.


Backup Desktop To Google Drive? Do you use Google Drive to save you data over the cloud? Do you also use it as a way of backing up your files? Do you value the Google improving Google Drive? Please share your opinion in the comments below!


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