YouTube Mobile App Now Brings in app Messaging Feature for sharing and chatting about videos

“Now sharing videos talk about them is so easy through in app Messaging Feature on YouTube, just look similar to Instagram's messaging feature”.


Don’t look now, Google now brings another private messaging service, kind of. On 8 of August YouTube announced that it is rolling out new in app Messaging Feature, much similar to Instagram. Google’s has been testing for many years, but after taking the reviews from the users, the company is rolling it out to all the users around the world.


YouTube Mobile App Now Brings in app Messaging Feature for sharing and chatting about videos


At the beginning of this year 2017, this feature is rolled out in Canada. It later expanded to parts of Latin America, the company tells us.


The roll out begins from yesterday, but this feature didn’t appear to all YouTube users worldwide for a few days. In other words, if you don’t see the sharing option yet, just wait, you will get this feature soon.


Idea Behind This In App Messaging Feature:


This YouTube new app feature allows YouTube users to send their friend videos and chat from within a new tab in the mobile app effectively turning YouTube into a mobile messenger kind of.


The idea behind the sharing feature’s development is to transition some of the social activity that takes place while watching videos, that includes sharing of videos link, chatting about videos there into YouTube instead of other messaging apps


The idea is really good, but we can’t comment on the success of this feature because of it in the initial phase.


How To Use This In App Messaging Feature?


The question that comes to everyone’s mind is how to use this feature, so let me tell you it is very simple,  perhaps it’s too easy.


YouTube Mobile App Now Brings in app Messaging Feature for sharing and chatting about videos-02


While it allows you to find friends from your phone’s Address Book, but there is no feature to block persons.


Furthermore, just to share videos and chatting, YouTube user also reply to the video they receive to another video, YouTube in app messaging feature also allows you to share videos on the groups.


 The feature YouTube is available on both iOS and Android, to users worldwide.


So much excited, what do you think about this YouTube app feature? Share with us.


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