Whatsapp New Feature Roll Out For iOS User-Play YouTube Videos Without Whatsapp

“Whatsapp New Feature Roll Out For iOS User Play YouTube Videos Without Whatsapp”.


WhatsApp needs to enhance YouTube blending inside its well-known chat application. What's more, making it conceivable to watch a video without leaving the chat.


WhatsApp was broadly dealing with this idea and researching approaches to make viewing YouTube video inside its visit application.


WhatsApp for iPhone now allows you to watch YouTube Videos Without Leaving App.


Play YouTube Videos Without Leaving Whatsapp


To use this feature, you need to update your WhatsApp to version 2.17.81. After that, you will be able to open and watch YouTube videos without leaving WhatsApp.


The best thing is that you can keep watching video while exploring different talks in the meantime.


WhatsApp for iPhone Now Lets you Play YouTube Videos Without Leaving App


Presently when your friends will share a YouTube connect in a discussion, you have to just tap on the connection.


A little fly up will show up by tapping the connection. This most recent refresh additionally gives you a chance to record long sound messages.


At this moment the company has revealed this YouTube include for iOS clients as it were.


Play YouTube Videos Without Leaving Whatsapp-2


It isn't known yet when this feature will be taken off for Android Users.


This Facebook-claimed chat application is persistently presenting astonishing feature, which influences it's clients to stick around and making it unthinkable for them to change from WhatsApp visit application.


In later post, WhatsApp revealed the ability to delete sent messages.


 I hope you like this post and you are excited to use this feature, so go ahead and download that whatsapp version and start using it.


 For more details about whatsapp and for android phone Price in Pakistan stay tuned.


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