Whatsapp: New Feature Data And Storage Usage Android Let You Free Up Some Memory

“Whatsapp make it simpler for the users to free up some space in your phone, whatsapp new feature data and storage usage android allows you to delete unwanted stuff”.


Whatsapp conversation, especially, if you are a member of different whatsapp groups you get crowded with ridiculous multimedia attachments. To solve this issue now whatsapp bring Data And Storage Usage Android that lets you free up some memory of your phone without deleting everything, you can select the specific data to delete which is useless for you.


For a long time, whatsapp has already offered Data And Storage Usage control over its chat on the iPhone, but now you can find this wasp storage feature on Android.


Whatsapp New Feature Data And Storage Usage-A


This app has built a new storage management section into its setting menu on Android, this feature allows you to delete specific type of messages from a conversation while saving another.


Whatsapp group conversation especially crowded with silly photos and video, which eat your storage.but this features allows you to get back space.


How To Use This Whatsapp New Feature Data And Storage Usage Android:


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To use this feature you need to open whatsapp for android, then you have to go to the app setting, by simply tapping on you can see data and storage usage option, this will show you a list of conversation. Filtered by how much space they’re taking up on your phone.


By tapping on a conversation you can find a detailed breakdown of all of the different types messages- text, contacts, photos, videos, audio, gifs, location in the conservation.


Whatsapp New Feature Data And Storage Usage-2


As well as displaying exactly how many of these message types have been exchanged, the screen also shows you how much space each type of message is using up.


By tapping on the message manage button at the bottom of the screen lets you select a specific section or several of them, and delete the messages.


You get rid of the type of the message you hate like gif so you can select gif and delete it, but keep everything else. Or on the same side, you can also delete all of the messages in a conversation apart from gifs so it's totally up to you.


Same features and functionality are available for Ios user as well, but right now this feature is only available for the beta user, and whatsapp is rolling out soon for other whatsapp users.


Do tell us what do you think about this whatsapp data and storage usage android and for latest whatsapp update and mobile price in Pakistan 2017 check here.


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