Whatsapp Delete Message Hack-How To Delete Whatsapp Messages That Are A Week Old

“A week ago whatsapp introduces its new feature, that is deleted for everyone now with this Delete Whatsapp Messages you can delete a week old messages”.


Whatsapp is an instant messaging application, and have so many features like you can send text messages, video on messages, chat on groups, you can send a voice note, other than that you can put the status on your whatsapp.


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 Recently whatsapp introduced an amazing and most wanted feature, that is deleted already sent messages that are sent accidentally, with this feature a user can easily delete sent messages that might make them embarrassed.


The overall feature is outstanding, but there is a limitation in this feature, you can only delete the message within 7 min, but what if your message is more than 7 minutes old? So, this is a bug by whatsapp or their server limitation, but now we come up with the solution.


Here is How to Delete WhatsApp Messages that are up to a Week Old.


How To Delete Whatsapp Messages That Are A Week Old:


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Here is a step by step guideline, following this you can delete week old messages on WhatsApp.


First of all, all you need to do is turn off your wifi and mobile data.


Then to go to the setting, where you need to hit of application setting.


After that, you have to select WhatsApp.


Tap on it and then force stop.


After that, you have to move further and go to Date & time option and set the date to make sure it matches the day you sent the message you want to delete.


Once you sent the date and time, then you need to open WhatsApp again and find the message you want to delete.


Tap and hold on it, there you need to click on delete icon> and after that, you need to select delete for everyone.


Again Switch your Wi-Fi and mobile data back on, relapse the date and your message should still be replaced with a placeholder message that reads: “This message was deleted.”


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This is a very easy process to delete whatsapp messages a week old, all you need to follow the steps carefully,  furthermore you can delete more than a week old whatsapp messages using the same approach,  For such messages, WhatsApp shows the message to select correct date. Anyways, you can delete week old messages using this approach very easily.


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