Whatsapp App New Feature For Android Now Adds Colorful Background Text Status...!!!

“Whatsapp app new feature will let you put a status with colorful background likewise we have on Facebook”.


Last year Facebook starts rolling out colorful background status, you know all of sudden your Facebook feeds filling up with status updates that had colorful backgrounds?  The same will goes in Whatsapp, that might soon start in Whatsapp.


 Same like facebook android app that allows users to write their status update with a colorful background, font, and Emoji combination.


Whatsapp App New Feature For Android Now Adds Colorful Backgroud Text Status-1


Now, the same feature has been rolled out on WhatsApp as well, and the feature is in a testing phase, it can be expected to come for all users soon.


Perhaps, it is expected that this new feature will convince the users to start using this colorful background text status feature.


WhatsApp App New Feature Adds Colorful Background Text Status:


Whatsapp App New Feature For Android Now Adds Colorful Backgroud Text Status-2


If you want to try these colorful text statuses you have to head to the status tab and look for the floating pencil button on the bottom right.


It might be possible that you don’t find it even though you are on the latest 2.17.291 beta version.so it could be a server side switch or it might require you clear app data to show up.


The new colored text Status, the screen has three icons for adding Emojis, selecting the font, and changing the background color.


After you've typed your text and messed with those to find your perfect fit, you tap the green send button to post it as your status.


Just like how you send media content now. The status will then be published on Whatsapp app for Android all your contacts to see.


The Whatsapp new feature status feature was launched in February and has managed to achieve more than 250 million daily active users in such a short span of time.


Whatsapp App New Feature For Android Now Adds Colorful Backgroud Text Status-3


If you are super excited and you want to use this feature soon so, you can avail this text status feature by enrolling yourself in the Android beta program and update to the latest version. Alternatively, download the latest APK Mirror.


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