Whatsapp About To Construct A Little Update In Voice Messages- Here’s How

“Whatsapp an instant messaging application, and about to construct a little update in voice messages and make it a little less fussy”.


Presently,  A facebook owned platform whatsapp have to hold down the microphone button, if they want to record their voice they have to hold down the microphone icon then release when they’ve completed their voice recording.


It’s one of the most annoying features of using the whatsapp because if your finger slips, the recording ends and it’s sent to your friends and then your friends won’t be able to hear it clearly or they get half of the recording.


According to the beta tester, they have noted a new method could simplify things give WhatsApp user more choice with voice messages.


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How New Voice Message Update Works:


Instead of holding down the microphone button, WABetaInfo notes users are able to press down the microphone button to enter the recording mode.


After about half a second, users will see a lock appear and will be able to swipe up to lock into the recording mode.


A user will no longer have to keep their finger on the record button. This will make it easier to browse through the text conversation for information.


Unfortunately, have shown that typing messages or viewing images and videos won’t be possible while in voice recording mode.


Whatsapp About To Construct A Little Update In Voice Messages-2


There’s still a ‘slide to cancel’ option within the interface, which is helpful if you’re not satisfied with the recording.


The update is currently being tested by WhatsApp and there is no official announcement when will it roll out for the main app.


A few weeks ago whatsapp introduce a new Feature Delete From Everyone,  and now it is working on voice message feature, Do share your reviews regarding this feature. For a mobile price in Pakistan 2017 check here.


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