Use Your Smartphone As a Scanner With Best Mobile document Scanner App

Smartphone transforms everything, good camera smartphone and Best Mobile Scanner App combines together to provide easy and efficient mobile scanning”.


Even,  a few days ago I found an old receipts document scanner fold away in the cupboard. That was an expensive item so far, then I smiled and wonder why I was not using it to save these receipts.


Oh Yes, right, I use my Smartphone.


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If you shopped too much and you have saved lots of old receipts, documents in your wallets or even you have put them into your closet. So in this digital world that we have everything on our phone why not receipts.


Is that a scanner in your pocket?  The answer is yes, the idea of these Mobile Scanner Apps is not new actually, but the apps themselves and camera of smartphones have improved dramatically in the past few years.


Phone as a Scanner with Best Mobile Scanner App:


As there are many applications available in the play store, so the selection is quite hard. So I thought I do tell you about which one is my favorite that is Scannable by Evernote,  the first thing you must know about this app is only available for iOS user.  But don’t panic, for Android users: I also highly recommend Microsoft's Office Lens, this app is available for both the platform.  Moreover, if you use One drive the app recently added on scanning features for their users. Scannable is a top choice if you are already an Evernote user.


You also want to check out Adobe scan a relative newcomer in this space. It's also available for both platforms but relies on Adobe's own cloud service for storage.


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How Scannable by Evernote Works:


With scannable, you simply need to position your documents so it fits on the screen.


After that the app will quickly automatically capture it, it sharpens and improves the quality of the image.


I especially like how it makes shots work of multi pages documents, but it simply amazing. Once you captured the first page it immediately ready for the next and so on.


When you are done, it automatically uploads on Evernote.


The one reason why I like this app is it gives you a neat receipt.


How Office Len’s App Works: 


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 Office Len’s best document scanner app for android and Ios, office lens is like a scanner in your pockets, it allows you to scan each of your documents.


When you open this office Len’s app, it shows you multiple options like document, whiteboard, business card.


Office Lens trims and enhance the shooting experience of the document, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable.


Now you can scan and uploads all your notes, receipts and documents, Office Lens will help you save and share your documents in OneNote and OneDrive so you can all work together.


So scannable and office lens makes the process very easy for you, as these two platforms allow you to share via email and other options as well.


Indeed, there are countless applications available on Google Play Store or on iTunes.


As I said, it’s one option for many, what’s your favorite scanning app, and why? , do share with us in the comment section below.


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