The First Ever Phones: Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2 That will Support Virtual SIM

Google a technology pioneer changes the SIM card technology, for the very first time google phones  Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2 will support virtual SIM”.


Do you travel most? While traveling the most annoying thing is to buy a new SIM card. Because it is necessary to buy a new SIM card as every country has its own SIM cards numbers. So to solve this major issue google bring an eSIM card or you can say virtual SIM technology for all those people who face such problems.


Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2-1


Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2 are two phone variant devices that come out with lots of cool and interesting features.  And one of them has never been available on any other smartphone. It’s a new SIM technology called eSIM or virtual SIM.


And it sounds creepy for the first time, but this is a new gesture of phones that will change the way you switch from one wireless carrier to one another.


Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2 will Support Now Support eSIM:


Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2-2


You can say that these two phones have integrated SIM that does not need to be physically removed from the phone.


If you want to switch from one carrier to another you don’t need the eSIM will allow you to do that with just a few taps on the screen.


You do not need to buy a physical SIM card and put it inside the phone.


Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2-3


Unfortunately, google is taking a small step forward with the eSIM tech in the pixel and pixel 2.


it’s only available for people who purchase the phone via the Google Store, or Project Fi and want to use it with Google’s own mobile network.


After all, it is very easy to activate or switch carrier without going anywhere for buying a SIM card.


Google Pixel And Google Pixel 2 have a nanoSIM slot as if you want to switch from another carrier.


So at last, this is a question for many people that when other carriers get with the eSIM program. What do you think about this new eSIM technology? Do share your opinion in the comment below.


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