Smart Wallet-Now Wallet Not only safe your money it will save itself too

“Before this era, we can’t imagine that, but technology increases, so fast and that changes everything we used to, here we have a smart wallet, yeah now here it is”.


A revolutionary wallet that changes the way we think for a wallet that it only carry money and your cards either credit or visiting. Before this smart wallet, the wallet is only used for this purpose, but it's the technology change it.


Now with this smart wallet, you can carry your money and your cards along with that you can Charge the Phone, Distance Alarm System, Worldwide GPS Tracking, Thief Detection Camera and Global WiFi hotspot.


Smart Wallet-Now Wallet Not only safe your money it will save itself too-1


Did You Know?


Every 3.5 seconds someone loses its Phone.


30 million of wallets are annually lost in this world.


44% of the traveler around the world switch off it’s roaming.


Now the solution in your hand, bring a smart wallet and releases your stress. Stunning design with a smart function that makes you fall in love.


Smart Wallet With Cool Features:


The best card wallet comes out with so many useful features, which is the need of this world so far. And it's very hard to misplace this smart wallet. Here we discuss its features in details.


Smart Wallet-Now Wallet Not only safe your money it will save itself too-2

No More Battery Dies:

Now with this smart card wallet, you can charge your phone, it has built in charger that charges your smartphone, work on both wirelessly or you can use it with a cable though. Extremely lightweight and thin.


Never Forgot To Carry Your Wallet With You:

This smart wallet consists of a Bluetooth Alarm System that doesn’t only notify you every time when you leave your wallet behind, as well it will send you alarm signals when you forgot to carry your wallet.


No More Expensive Roaming:

This best card wallet also has Wi-Fi Hotspot to ensure you have the internet, while you travel. The internet cost of Volterman is up to 3 times cheaper than other.


Smart Wallet-Now Wallet Not only safe your money it will save itself too-3

Tract Your Wallet, and Locate Where It:

This wallet also provides you the security, now with this wallet, you can easily track your wallet globally. The global GPS system secures you from thieves and loss. Track your wallet wherever you are in real-time.


Built-In Camera:

You can see who open your wallet, as this smart wallet has built in camera as well. Once your wallet is lost, Volterman's camera pictures anyone who opens it and sends you the pics.


The smart wallet is a very good attempt to keep the wallet related to the 21st century.


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