Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Problems And Desired Solutions!!

Samsung Galaxy Note Series is all-time most desired one, so just check out some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Problem before buying and learn how to fix them if it occurs in near future”.


So let's just talk about some noticeable and basic feature of this Samsung Galaxy Note, that is it always comes in the large display, and with Samsung bringing up their design display to its one more flagship this year the screen key to shining this time. And luckily Samsung add it to almost its high-end devices, the display comes in a key specification, all hardware and software you really look for, and moreover an incredible camera, and the S-pen that differ this series completely and give you more handy experience over this phones. And now Samsung comes up with more flagship “Samsung Galaxy Note 8”.


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Likewise, any other device that comes out on the market, so this smartphone does not come without the issues. This is why we are here to mentioned the problems faced by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and provide you the most desired solution.


Note: “These issues could not occur to all Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users, So it is more than likely that you won’t face any of these problems at all”.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Problems And How To Fix Them:


Problem: Scrolling Issue

Some user has stumbled on lagging and irregular performance while scrolling on google or else swiping through a different application.

How to Fix it:

This issue faced by those who have already installed Bixby button remapper app, but now Samsung allows you to mute this Bixby button.


However, these scrolling issue is concerned, the only option is to uninstall the app.


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Problem: Face Unlock is Not Working

Some user has come across that the face unlock doesn’t appear to work, even in good lighting condition, the device unlocks the phone sometimes takes 10 to 15 attempts.

How to Fix it:

The reason behind this issue is might be the third-party application, according to some reports that suggest it will be whatsapp issues.


Some users suggested that disabling the camera access permission for Whatsapp fixes the problem.


If the problem isn’t solved by disabling camera permission, then you have to uninstall all the application that needs camera access permission.


Problem: Poor Pixel on the Display

A few users have to go through clusters of dead pixels on the display of their phones.


How to Fix it:

To solve this issue you need to download a pixel fixer application from google play store that can solve this issue. When you run that app, it lets the clusters and dead pixel go away.


However, after running the app, if you still face the same issue, then the only option for you is to replace your phone immediately.


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Problem: Connectivity Issue

Some users face the problem in connectivity as they are not able to use Bluetooth or wifi. Both wifi and Bluetooth issues seem to be particularly common with this Samsung galaxy note 8.

How to Fix it:

Turn phone and router off for at least ten seconds, then turn them back.


Go to Settings  Wi-Fi and long tapping the connection you want, then selecting “Forget”. Re-enter the details and try again.


Go to the setting and then delete all the previous pairing and try setting them up again from scratch.


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Problem: Won’t Able to Remove the App Icon from the Main Screen

Press on the app icon shows you a pop-up to remove from the home screen, some users have found that this pop-up menu is no longer showing up, so they are unable to remove icons.

How to Fix it:

To fix this issue you need to go to the Settings menu, which is something that some users do to improve performance. All you have to do is set this to 0.5x, and the pop-up will start showing.


So here you have all the roundup and most of the common issues that mainly occur in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices, if you found any other issue other then these do tell us in the comment.


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