Regret A Message:Now Whatsapp Lets You To Delete Messages After Delivery!!

 “You will soon be able to edit or delete whatsApp messages after you have sent them, a whatsApp new update makes it possible for the user’s”.


Many of us have sent at least one text or image, that we wished to take it back, but unfortunately, we won’t.


Now we have to say thanks to a new whatsApp Delete Messages feature, the message of regretting will soon be a thing of the past.


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Whatsapp now lets you to  Delete Messages After Delivery:


WhatsApp will soon roll out a Delete Messages feature for cross-platform to Android and iOS users globally, as this is a most awaited feature. Currently, this feature is in the testing phase, so it is expected that it will be available soon.


The user has only five minutes from when the message is sent to delete it, and the only messages that haven’t been opened by the recipient can be removed.


If the server work, it does not necessarily mean that the feature will allow immediately. Whatsapp still needs to roll out the feature officially.


WhatsApp will first enable and roll out the feature to beta users before it becomes a fully fledged feature. To find out it this feature you have to become a beta tester for whatsApp.


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According to the report, the feature was included in the code of version 2.17.30 of the app, but  WhatsApp still needed to enable it.


Rumors of the feature first began in February, when reports suggested the messaging app was testing a feature to delete messages mistakenly sent by the users in its beta version. For drunken texters and those who send messages, they regret later on.


Prior to testing this new feature, a user could hold on a specific message to delete it.


However, the function only deletes the message from your phone of the user who deletes it, from the device of the user on the other hand.


What do you think about this Whatsapp Delete Messages feature? Do you want this feature or not? Please share your reviews in the comment box.


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