On This Day Feature: How To Turn Off/ On Memories Facebook

 “Facebook is a social media Giant just to get in, Facebook brings so many diverse features for their users. A very know feature Facebook memories”.


Facebook old features known as “Memories Facebook” is a good feature over all and majority loved this feature. This Facebook feature brings old memories with friends having named as“On This Day”. Some of us really liked this feature, but others think it’s really annoying.


As this feature brings you close to your friend and family by showing you the memories of yours on that day. This feature refreshes your old memories and some people share it to celebrate old memories with friends and loved once.


But those who think it’s really irritating feature,  as some memories really hurt you when it comes to you and you don’t want to see those memories again, so you can easily get rid off from this feature. All you need to do is just turn off this Facebook option from settings.


On This Day Feature: How To Turn Off/ On Memories Facebook 1

How to Turn Off Your Memories Facebook:


So for all those people who want to turn off this feature, we bring up a solution and complete step by step guideline, check out how you can turn off your Facebook memories.


How to Check On This Day Memories Facebook:

All you need to do is simply go to Facebook.com


Once you have logged in, You can find On This Day notification in the left most column of your news feed.


Once you will hit it, then you will be able to see a list of memories of that specific day in the Facebook history.


These memories include your old status, video, and pictures which you have tagged with.


These memories also contain live events and your friendship. You can share your Facebook memories by click on the share button.


How to Disable and Enable Facebook Memories:

It’s a very easy way process of how to disable or enable Facebook memories.


Click the notification button in the top right corner of the screen.


 A menu will appear to include two options: All memories and Off.


If you don’t want to switch off complete notifications, then you need to select All Memories. By selecting All memories you will not be notified about.


On This Day Feature: How To Turn Off/ On Memories Facebook 2

Sort Out Memories Of a Person or Date:

If you have some bad memories Facebook with someone and you really don’t want to remind him or her, events by specific date or other people from the past, one can easily filter them out.


All you have to do is go to on this day's page and click on the preference button, a new window will open with two filter option that is People and dates. The people filter option will let you eliminate all those people who are your friends. One can choose specific days in a particular year as far as Dates filter is concerned.


So if some memories Facebook really annoyed you and you don’t want to remember them at all, so this is the best feature for all those out there.


I hope you like our this post and you really want to know about the Latest Technology and Social Media post checks it out.


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