Now-Use-Whatsapp To Delete Sent Messages Via “Delete For Everyone”

Now don’t regret!! What you have sent, as whatsapp bring delete sent messages, a message that is mistakenly sent to your friend and family.


Whatsapp is an instant messaging application, and all time comes up with something new and interesting, like a few weeks ago whatsapp bring Share Live Location, and a month ago whatsapp Data And Storage Usage Android, this time whatsapp brings the most wanted feature, now a  whatsapp lets you delete the sent message.


The  Delete Messages After Delivery was in rumors for months and now the feature is rolled out for everyone. With the new feature, you’ll be able to delete a message for everyone once you sent it.


Suppose, you are chatting with your friend and at the same time you have sent a weird message, so you can delete the message from your phone as well your friend’s phone.


The reason why it is most awaited because sometimes you sent the embarrassing message, so this feature will save you in this condition.


So if you send someone a message in aggression by mistake, you’ll not be uncomfortable because you can delete the message from both the end.


Using  Whatsapp Delete Sent Messages Via Delete For Everyone”


How to use this “Delete For Everyone”:


All you have to do, select the chat.


Then long press on the message you need to delete.


When you select it, you can see on the upper side a delete icon click on it.


After clicking it shows you three options, delete from me, cancel, and delete from everyone.


So if you want to delete from both the end you need to click on the third option.


After deletion, another person will see “This message was deleted” once you delete a message.


Using  Whatsapp Delete Sent Messages Via Delete For Everyone


Limitation of this feature:


Moreover, this feature has some constraints as well, so you need to check these as well.


Only delete a message within 7 minutes after you have sent.


At the start of 8th minutes you will not be able to delete it, so make sure you delete the message instantly.


if you delete a message from your end, within 7 minutes and your friend doesn’t have an internet connection, the message will not be deleted at their end until they connect to the internet again.


You will never get any confirmation, the message was deleted from the other end.


The feature is rolled out soon for everyone, at this stage this feature is only available for the beta tester, so it is expected, that it might be available for other in few days.


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