Now Instagram lets the users to Add a Friend to a Live Story:

“Now go live on Instagram, add your friends on live video and, and enjoy live streaming and then you are live from both the accounts”.


Instagram is a photo sharing app, that lets you share the photo with your friends and family.instagram and snapchat changes the way we capture pictures before, this time Instagram want to add your friends on a live streaming and enjoy together.


So Instagram has introduced an amazing feature, now Instagram lets you add your friend in a live sharing feature called” Go Live With Friends” that Instagram user gonna live this, by Adding a friend to Instagram Live Story.


One can enjoy live stream from two accounts at the same time, on the same live video.  Go Live with a Friend feature now do hang out together, go live and enjoy.


Now instagram lets the users to Add a Friend to a Live story-01


Moreover, it’s not the end, while your live on Instagram you can also add a guest. You can add or remove the guest any time you wish, On the other hand, the guest can also choose to exit.


Through this feature you can share your live video to stories once your live streaming has ended then you can also choose the “Discard” option if you don’t want to share. Your live video will disappear from the app.


How to use this Latest Instagram “Go Live With Friends” Feature:


You need to click on the camera button, in the top left of the screen or swipe right.


After that, you need to click on live at the bottom of the screen and click on to start Live Video.


You need to click on the person’s name to invite them to join your live broadcast.


If your friend accepts the invitation to join, you will see them appear in a split-screen view. You will also see if they’ve chosen to decline.


Now instagram lets the users to Add a Friend to a Live story-02


If you need to remove the person you invited to join your live video, you can do it by tapping x at the top right corner.


Your following can see your live streaming and they also comment on it, but the only difference is that it will double the fun. The amazing thing about all of this is that you can still play with Instagram’s face filters when live streaming with your friend.


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