Now Clean Your Toilet With An Automatic Robot Spinx

“Now Clean Your Toilet With An Automatic Robot Spinx and changes the way you clean your toilet before.”


You don’t like to clean toilet by yourself? Do you hate that? But we know that cleaning a toilet is essential and but yeah no one wants to do it by itself, so your problem is solved now, The future of toilet cleaning is now in our hands Spinx.


If you hated that cleaning toilet task, then having a robot that cleans toilet is your desire, isn’t it? so your desire comes true.


Now Clean Your Toilet With An Automatic Robot Spinx


The new toilet cleaning robot named as “SpinX”.  It is a future way of cleaning toilets, and trust me it is amazing it exactly cleans your toilet on the single press of a button in just 90 seconds.


This toilet cleaning robot is fits in the toilet seat’s lid and can be used with any toilet. It has an automatic arm with a turning brush and cleanser and water planes. It cleans both inside the toilet and the seat. It additionally dries the wet seats utilizing packed air outlets with the goal that you won't need to sit on the wet seat. From cleaning the can to drying it is done in only in 90 seconds.


Here’s what the co-founder and CEO, Hila Ben-Amram, said about the SpinX and why they create it.


“When I was pregnant with twins, taking care of two toddlers, it occurred to me while I was cleaning the communal toilet one evening that nobody has invented a self-cleaning toilet product before,”


The SpinX is keen. You don't need to reveal to it when to clean, it consequently recognizes if needs cleaning and begin cleaning it. The sensors naturally identify the toilet shape and advise the brush where to clean. SpinX guarantees to fit on 98% of toilet situates.


What do you think about this idea? What do you think people will adopt this or not? Do tell us in the comment section.


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