Now Check Traffic on Google Map- and Select Best Route

“An app that guide you towards your desire destiny, Google Map is a compulsory app now a days. We can’t go to a new place without its help.”


Google has so many products,  but this Google Map app is amazing it provides you the best route in the whole world.


If you are new to any city and you are not aware of its routes this Google map help you out, People have reached their destinations with the help of this navigating App.

Now Check Traffic on Google Map- and Select Best Route-01


Google map every time coming up with some unique features and hit the market,  the latest update that google made in its map app it introduced Parking Availability feature a few months back.


Now an amazing update Google has made in its map again, now you can check the traffic Now Tell You the Best Time to Hit the Road.


Now Google Map Will Tell You Which Time Is Good To Hit The Road:


In many areas, the reliance on Google map is unequaled, with satellite views, parking spots and live traffic updates. This latest feature is an innovative update from the point of view of its basic mapping technique. It not only navigates you how to get somewhere but also provides you the best time to come out on the road.


This Feature Helps You To Plan Your Journey In An Efficient Way:


This new hit road feature will help you to plan out your journey in a well-organized way,  this google map feature is only available for Android users.


How to Use It?

It pops up when you input the desired direction.


When a user asks for estimating time and distance, a new bar graph appears which shows the time it will take to reach the destination.


Now Check Traffic on Google Map- and Select Best Route-02


It shows in different color highlights in green, yellow and red to indicate the road traffic.


These estimated times will let you know about how long will it take to reach earlier or late due to high traffic on the road.

Some of It's Cons?

The thing is, this feature is very new.


So it is not that much accurately and precise as it may tell us we will reach half hour before the estimated time but maybe it will not be much more accurate.


Other than these cons, it is a positive step to plan out your future trip efficiently.


The people who regularly go office so it’s a very good initiative for them.  Before coming out on the road first they look for the traffic through this feature on Google Maps. So overall it’s a good app.


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