New Instagram Update: Instagram Add Up Augmented Reality Face Filter To Live video

Instagram a photo sharing bring a new Instagram update, that lets you express your emotions in a different way by using Augmented Reality Face Filter.


The new Instagram update brings augmented reality face filter to video streaming through its app, the company officially announced this feature on 21st of September.


Instagram had introduced Augmented Reality face filter, that detects your face in may. But it is only available on videos and images that you captured first and then post it on your instagram stories.


New Instagram Update-3


New Instagram Update: Augmented Reality Face Filter To Photo


Now in New Instagram Update Augmented Reality Face Filter allows you to share your emotions while using happy sun face filter, a sad raincloud, an angry thunderstorm or a laid-back sun and muh more.


Try the on, and change your mood, when you are done with all these you an share it with your friends and family.


How to use Instagram Augmented Reality Face Filter To Photo:


New Instagram Update


If you are excited to use this augmented reality face filter to photo, check out how you can easily use it.


Tap on the small face icon on the right side.


Tap on the small ion and select the one which you want to use.


After that, you need to click on the camera button just to capture the photo, and if you want to make some changes you can do it.


When you are done with, it shows you to several options like save, share or make it story so it's up to you.


New Instagram Update: Augmented Reality Face Filter To Live Video


All exciting face filters are now available to new Instagram update that is live video streaming, but there are very few that are available for the video streaming only. Sunglasses with lens reflections for which you can change the view with a tap. It’s limited to, live streaming for the next week, so you’ll have to go live if you want to check it out for now.


How to use Instagram Augmented Reality Face Filter To Live Video: 


New Instagram Update-2


Using face filter while you are live is easy and same as you uses on photo. Here in this section we will tell you how to use  instagram Face Filter To Live Video.


To apply filter you have to go live first, you need to tap on camera and then you need to click on live.


After that to start live streaming you have to click on start live video.


Then it start live streaming, to use face filter during the broadcast by tapping the face icon in the bottom right corner of the Instagram live interface.


But this video live streaming face filter takes several weeks to roll out for all users globally, but don’t forget to share your opinion about this new instagram update in the comment below.


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