Meet the First Free-Battery Smartphone: No Need to Search for a Charger

“Are you really annoyed, like me? When you really need the battery, you can found it dies. Now this free battery phone solving one of technology major frustrations”.


Even with most outstanding success in the Smartphone technology in past few years, Poor battery life remains the one of the main concern in the modern Smartphones.


Manufacturing brands of smartphones have attempted to solve this fire issue, lithium-ion batteries, and adaptive fast charging, but all efforts have only provided mild success.


In an attempt to provide the full solution, the researchers at the University of Washington are exploring what happens if we remove batteries from Smartphones altogether.


Meet the First Free-Battery Smartphone No Need to Search for a Charger


Before you criticize the concept as pointless, it is worth noticing the team made has been able to develop a free battery phone the phone build completely from off-the-shelf materials on a printed circuit board.


Computer science and engineering professor said that had been able to prove the technology worked by making Skype calls from the battery-free phone.


“We have built what we expect, the first functioning cell phone that consumes almost zero power.” (Told by the University of Washington)


The phone can power itself by harvesting the energy from radio signals and light. This is probably the end to chargers.




The prototype of this phone without battery, use vibrations from the microphone when the person talking on Cellphone. This motion is converted into analog radio signal via an antenna which sends out by the cellular base station.


In this way, the voice pattern is encoded in reflected radio signals and it uses approximately zero power.


For now, the phone can’t send and receive at the same time, there’s a switch that needs to turn on, you can say that it is a bit like a walkie-talkie.


Meet the First Free-Battery Smartphone No Need to Search for a Charger


The team believes that the base station can be built into a cellular infrastructure and Wifi router.


 “The cell phone is the device we depend on most today. So, if there were one device you’d want to be able to use without batteries, it is the cellphone. The proof of concept we’ve developed is exciting today, and we think it could impact everyday devices in the future.”


(Said by Joshua Smith, professor UW’s Dept of EE)


However, the battery-free phone requires a small amount of energy up to 3.5 microwatts. To gain this energy it gets power from radio signals transmitted by a base station up to 31 feet away. Using this, the battery-free phone required communication with a base station which is approx 50 miles away.


The future plan of the researchers just to improve the phone’s operating system and will encrypt conversations to make them secure.

Last Words:

“Very well worked done by the student of Washington, as this is the future need as well, and the battery issue comes first if we discuss Smartphone problem, and even the company is working on to it. And somehow now they get the mild idea”.

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