How to check who is stalking you on facebook- some secrete hacks that you really wishes to know

How to check who is stalking you on facebook- and stop your EX from seeing your unwanted things: that will surely secure your phone this is mainly arising on mobile finder-the knowledge sharing forum here listed question is answer by our community in a creative manner.


As this is the boom of social media, as the social media helps you to connect with the people and your friends, if you are going with somewhere for holidays, and you have just moved to somewhere else you left your place behind. So with this social media, you can easily get up to date.


This is the social media that makes our lives so easy for the people you might want to know and stay in touch with, and you want to keep an eye on it.


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Else but somehow that makes people life more complicated in many ways. How? Because if you are using social media you are able to see the profile of the people you can be stalked them easily, you can see what they are doing, where they are going, what they are eating, you are posting pictures with your new girlfriend and boyfriend, and this is how that goes.


And this is really obvious after you break up with someone; you must be stalked that person on daily basis, so just to get to know who is stalking you on social media read it out.


There are so many different platforms out there, like facebook, twitter, and Snapchat.


How to check who is stalking you on facebook:


Here I am going to discuss the facebook as it is the most commonly used platform and giant of all social media.


As Facebook is the natty platform for many purposes and people are comfortable with because it is very user-friendly as well.


But two of its most popular dark side is its create the jealousy feeling and makes people creepy about knowing what other are doing in their lives and you become curious about.


The majority won’t accept that but come on and accept it, otherwise after sometimes you feel guilty for what you did.


And technology makes it easy for you, now you can easily check out who is stalking you, there are so many apps available.


As facebook itself won’t allow user to see who is seeing your facebook profile, and stalked you on daily basis, but as I earlier told you that there are number of dodgy-looking ‘Who Viewed My Profile?’ type apps that are available to download just how desperate a lot of Facebook users are to identify potential secret admirers.


Facebook only allows you that who is viewing your stories nothings else in the form of a list.


But there is the secret method through which you can easily track who is stalking your profile and that is 100% true, as some apps won’t show you the 100% result.


“Who visited your profile” using the desktop method:


And easy process and provides 100% result, all you have to do is simply follow these steps which are giving below.


You need to go to your profile first.


How to check who is stalking you on facebook-1


Then you need to do a right click on that page and click on page resource it opens in other tabs.


How to check who is stalking you on facebook-2


There you need to press CTRL+F on your keyboard; a text box appears at the right corner, there you need to type- “InitialChatFriendsList” don’t use the quote.


How to check who is stalking you on facebook-3


Next, to that text you will these numbers of ID, these are the ID of those who visited your profile.


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Select that ID copy it. Copy it like


How to check who is stalking you on facebook-5


The first ID shows the one who stalks you more often while the last ID that never visited your profile.


How to check who is stalking you on facebook-6


“Who stalking your profile on Facebook” using apps


Here are some apps through which you can see who is stalking you.


  • Profile Stalkers For Facebook
  • Who Viewed My Profile
  • Who Viewed My Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Mentions


So how’s that post, hope you really like it, now you can easily find out who stalk your profile more often either their EX or their GF/BF.


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