How To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone a query to many, when you change your Android phone and you switch to iPhone. Going another way? Check how to transfer the contacts”.


You want to upgrade yourself, Android is a pioneer in its way, but iOS has its own importance and we can’t deny this fact and the important thing is we are not here to judge? So you are going to switch from Android to iPhone. You bought the new iPhone, and you want to transfer all your the data from Android to iPhone. But the first thing you want to transfer is your all contacts, remember that these two are a different platform, you are confused about how to do this? don't worry.


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Several Ways To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone:


There are two different OS platforms, so it’s not similar to switching between two Android devices, which can easily sync through Google‘s account.  But it’s not too difficult or out of the box that you can’t do that. There are several ways to transfer contacts from android to iPhone, so in this post, we will tell you what are those ways to transfer contacts, and you can also share these ways with your friends too.

So these are the following method through which you can easily Transfer Contacts


Using Move to iOS app

Using Google sync

Moving SIM

using a VCF file

Using other apps 


Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone- Move to iOS app


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You might not familiar with this app, but that’s not your fault because many Apple users don’t know about this app. This app is specially designed for this purpose, you get excited to hear this.


This app is not only to transfer the contacts but with this app, you can transfer messages, photos, videos and email accounts directly to any iOS device.


All you have to do is simply download this app Move to iOS after that gather all your data including contacts which you want to transfer, even you are done with then create a simply create a private WiFi network and find your android phone then enter the pin and start the process.


Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone- Through Google sync


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Google is a giant to provide services, if you have been using the android phone then you must have a Google account. And the advantage of using google account is your all contacts is already synced to your Google account.  So here come a good news migration of your contacts to iPhone will be a cinch.


So first of all, go to the setting on your Android phone and choose "Accounts and Sync".


Enter your Google account details and enable synchronization. After that phone contacts and Google Contacts will now synchronize.


Now open your iPhone in which you want to transfer contacts, first you need to go to Settings.


Then there you find Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and click Add Account.


From there, choose Google. Then there you'll need to sign in to your Google account and made sure you have Contacts.


After all that process you should now see all of your Google contacts are on your iPhone.


Hoped this worked for you. If it won’t then try the next way to transfer the contacts


Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone- By Moving SIM


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The easiest way of transferring contacts from android to iPhone swipe the SIM. Make sure you have the same size SIM, like micro- or nano-SIM for any other.


First, save all contacts on the Android phone to its SIM.


After that, insert the SIM into your iPhone.


Go to Settings and choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and tap "Import SIM Contacts".


After all, that process, take out that SIM and place iPhone SIM card.


Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone- using a VCF file


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You don’t want to deal with complex processes, here is a simple manual process of transferring using a VCF file. All you need to do is simply make a VFC file, once you make it. Then, with this transfer the contacts From Android to iPhone.


Let’s go through the complete process of how to manually transfer the contact using a VCF file.


Head to the contact app in your phone first.


Go the menu, select “Import/Export”.


Then select an export, this creates  VFC file and save on your phone.


Then get this on your iPhone through data cable.


Open the file and the iPhone will rapidly you to “Add all contacts”.


Follow the same steps which are mentioned above to transfer the contacts.


Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone- via other apps


How To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone-5


You don’t find all these methods easy and you want an extremely simple way to get this work done. So there are so many apps, 3rd party apps that can also facilitate transfer the contacts from android to iPhone. The one which I prefer you is Copy My Data (Android/IOS), so have a look.


Do you have another way to solve this query suggest us in the comment below? Also share, which method do you prefer and you find that easier.


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