How To Schedule Posts On Facebook?

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook a query to majority either having a large business or small, so now Facebook adds on you more functionality for the ease of page admin”.


Advancement in technology bring easier for you, Facebook has finally given more power to page admin, doesn’t matter what page you are running. To avoid constant posting manually facebook bought an update for beloved users. Through this update on social media giant now allows you to Schedule Posts On Facebook.


Open a Facebook and schedule post ahead, and save your time in this way. Now the question arises from here, Is it difficult to do? How To Schedule Posts On Facebook? Here is the solution to your query, read this tutorial and get all information.


So Is it a difficult to do?  Not really, actually it’s not difficult, it is a very easy process.


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How to Schedule Posts on Facebook? As Facebook has a built-in way to do that, but that’s not the only way there are other ways too. Like you can use other apps like Publer, Postfity, and HootSuite.  And you can also use your smartphone to post on your page via Facebook Pages Manager. 


Check in this article How To Schedule Posts On Facebook, having the power to schedule posts gives you the opportunity to master your social media plan, so here is your social media coach for you.


How To Schedule Posts On Facebook:


Sitting whole day in front of a computer is now no more. In this column of a post, we will tell you about what are the ways to Schedule Posts On Facebook.


Through built-in Facebook feature.

Via smartphone using  Facebook Pages Manager

And through other schedulers


1 Way To Schedule Posts On Facebook:

 As this is the 1st method through which you can Schedule Posts On Facebook,  this is a built-in feature of Facebook which allows you to schedule Post.


First of all, you need to login to your Facebook.


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  • Visit

  • Then enter username and password

  • Then click on the login button to proceed further.


Once you have logged - into your profile then search Mobile Finder.


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Then it shows you Mobile Finder in pages options clicks on it.


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Then compose a post, start typing a status update in the text box. By default, this box should read "What have you been up to?" in the greyed-out text. At this point, you can also insert media into your post by clicking on the small "Photo/video" above.


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Then you need to select the schedule from the menu, when you have completed with your post, then click on the arrow next to the blue and white "Post" button. Click on "Schedule" in the drop-down menu.


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Then you have to choose a date and time,  make sure that schedule your post at least 10 minutes in the future. You can schedule your posts up to 6 months in advance.


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Click on the "Schedule" button. Your post will now be scheduled to post automatically at the date and time you've provided.


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2 Way To Schedule Posts On Facebook:


Another way to Schedule Posts On Facebook, that is posted via smartphone using  Facebook Pages Manager.


Download the facebook pages manager app on your smartphone, as the Facebook app for mobile devices won’t have an option to Schedule Posts On Facebook


So, first of all, you need to download this app from google play store, this app is available for both the platform either for android or even for iOS


Then login into this app first. By typing user name or password.


Once you have logged in then Access your Facebook should automatically see your first group's page


How To Schedule Posts On Facebook-1m


Tap "Click here to start a post." Select Text, Photo, Video, or Event from the list of options.


How To Schedule Posts On Facebook-2m


Then click on the next, it shows you an option, that you want to post now or schedule the post.


How To Schedule Posts On Facebook-6m


Tap "Schedule" in the post options menu. Click the menu button in the bottom right of the post screen. There you need to choose time and date.


How To Schedule Posts On Facebook-7m


Tap the blue "Schedule" button to finish.


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3 Way To Schedule Posts On Facebook:


If you are not comfortable with these two ways, then there is another way as well to use a third party Apps.


There are so many third apps available for you, like Publer , Postfity , Hootsuite and many. Some of them are paid, like Publer charged you when you Schedule Posts On Facebook through this App.


The way to schedule posts on Facebook with these apps remains same as you do with Facebook Pages Manager.


Do comments below and tell us about which way you use to  Schedule Posts On Facebook, and what do you think is better?


Hope you like this post for more updates regarding social media trends and for a mobile price in Pakistan 2017. 


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