How To Save Whatsapp Status- Using Easy And Quick Method

“Like someone's status, thinking how to Save Whatsapp Status. Now save whatsapp status using  Easy And Quick Method”.


How To Save Whatsapp Status- a query to many in 2017 a whatsapp new rollout comes out with snapchat like feature called whatsapp stories, You can update status/story using a photos or video.


 Also, you can write something about your status as well. Your friends can watch status, but unable to download whatsapp status.


But as we like someone status so we wish to save it, but we won’t as there is no built-in feature to download the whatsapp stories.


The whatsapp stories are end-to-end encrypted and get deleted automatically after 24 hours.


How To Save Whatsapp Status-1


So it’s a question of many people to download someone whatsapps status/stories so we have decided to tell you some tricks to save Whatsapp Status.


How To Save Someone Whatsapp Status:


Here in this blog post, we will tell you 3 tricks through which you can easily save someone’s status.


Method# 1:  using file explorer:


This method is very simple, but the majority of the people are not aware of this. You might think how can we save status using file explorer.

First of all, you need to download an app of file explorer.


Once you have download this application, you need to open it once you open you need to go to the settings where you can find the hidden file option you need to toggle it on.


Once you have done with it, what you have to do is simply click on the local tap which is next to the home icon at the top menu bar.


There you need to find whatsapp, then go to the media file, after that it shows you .status folder. Once you click on that folder you can find the status of the people.


How To Save Whatsapp Status-2


Method# 2: using the status saver app:


 Another method that is very easy and simple.


You need to go to the play store first.


From there you need to download an app.


After that's installed it and open it.


There you can find your friends statuses, so from there you can easily save it.


Method# 3: using screenshots:


How To Save Whatsapp Status-3


And the most simple and easy method, but won’t work on video status.


You can simply copy someone’s status by capturing screenshots so all you have to do is take a screenshot of using home and power button.


Once you do that, you can find the screenshots in the gallery.


So these are some ways by which you can Save Whatsapp Status, hope you really like it, if you find any other way, do tell us in the comment section.


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