Google Free Parental Control App Family Link That Help Parents To Spy On Their Child Activity!!

Now parents manage the kid's phones,  controlling when and what they can access. Through this Google Free Parental Control App named as “ Family Link”.


Being a parent the core responsibility is to take care of their child activity. What are they doing? What kind of applications are they using? What are they browsing?  Likewise, there are many concern parents have. And it is a parental right to know each and every activity of their child.


Google Free Parental Control App


So now google solve this parental issue and launches a Free Parental Control App named as “ Family Link”.  At the start of this year, Google launched this Family Link control application, but the drawback or you can say the limitation of this application is it required an invitation for access.  But now this Parental Control App Family link is available to the US without an invitation.


Family Link: Google Free Parental Control App


What is Family Link App?


Many of the parents are not aware of the family link, so as the name suggests this app link to you with your child doings. Family link app lets you create your kids accounts just like you make it for yourself. After making an account this app helps you to monitor your child activity.


How does this Family Link App Work?


Google Free Parental Control App-1


 It can manage the apps your kid can use, parents can approve or block the apps their kids want to download from Google Play.


Parents keep an eye on their phone screen, parents can see how much time their kid spends on their favorite apps with weekly or monthly activity reports, and moreover, as a parent, you can set daily screen time limits on your child device.


The most likely feature you can say is a parent can set bedtime, this feature Remotely locks, child device when it's time to play, study, or sleep.


However family link includes a generalized content filtering option like some third-party parental control apps do, but it can control the filtering options in Google’s own apps like the Google Search app and Chrome.


Google Free Parental Control App-3


Initially, this app Family Link app required both parent and child to be on Android but later changed in April with the release of an iOS version of the Family Link parental control app. The service also works through a web browser.


The Parental Control App Family Link is a differentiator for Android as compared to iOS, having a “Restrictions” section that’s focused more on what apps a child can use either by toggling on or off Apple’s default apps.


On the other hand, Apple does not allow a way for a parent to set time limits, remotely lock a device, or view activity reports on app usage.


Family link can control any Android device running Android Nougat (7.0) and higher, and select Marshmallow devices.


As this software is available for free, you can easily download this app from google play or you can download here.


Being a parent what do you think about this application, just share your thoughts in the comment below. And for more details about recent apps and for an updated Price of Mobiles in Pakistan.


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