Google Assistant Now Identify Songs And Plays Your Favorite One!!

“You love to listen to songs, but you it is hard to find now with google assistant you can identify songs and plays Your Favorite One”.


When pixel 2 launched it comes with updated Google Assistant has the ability of Identify Songs which are playing near you. The best thing you do not need to do anything.  It automatically detects the song and shows you the name on the screen.


Google Assistant Now Identify Songs And Plays Your Favorite One


Well, the good news is this feature is not limited to the pixel devices, other non-pixel users can also use this feature.


Google has updated the google assistant and it can now identify songs playing around you.  So you don’t need to install the other app like a hound,  musiXmatch and  Shazam to detect the song and tell you the lyrics. Now you have a google assistant with all the feature.


How to use a Google Assistant To Identify Songs:


Google Assistant Now Identify Songs And Plays Your Favorite One-2


The process is simple, you are sitting somewhere in a part or in any café and you like the song is being played there, so what you need to do is simply take out your phone first.


And then you need to open up Google Assistant.


And then you need to activate that after that it will automatically detect the song. There you’ll see an option that says “Whats this song?.


All you need to do is hit off this option, and it will automatically show you the name of the song being played in the background.


Limitation Of This Feature:


Google Assistant Now Identify Songs And Plays Your Favorite One-3


The limitation you can say, this feature won’t work automatically, you need to manually activate option by clicking on “Whats this song?.


This feature is now available for all the Android devices with Google Assistant installed. Make sure to update the Google app on your phone from Google Play Store. However, if you still did not get the feature, you have to wait for more to get this feature.


Do comment and tell us, do you have this feature or not? What do you think is it helpful for you? Hope you like this for more Google news and mobile price in Pakistan 2017.


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