Good News: Careem Now Offered 3 Monthly Packages For Their users

Good News, now Careem offered their users a Careem monthly package, now drive at low rates with complete comfort that you look for”.


The latest Careem move,  and a highly appreciable work by Careem that they started Monthly packages for the users. The purpose of doing this is to provide an ease to their customers.  Before this, if we compare two services  Careem and Uber,  according to the customer reviews Uber is a bit cheaper than Careem service but if we compare the quality of both the services, Careem fulfill all the needs of the users and that’s why the users are perfectly satisfied.  Now Careem monthly packages in upcoming years help the rider to choose a monthly package for themselves out of some affordable packages.


Careem Now Offered 3 Monthly Packages For Their users-1


Check out Careem 3 Monthly Packages For Their users:


Careem monthly packages will allow the rider to buy kilometers in huge quantities, so after that, the user doesn't have to worry about peak factor, furthermore, your airport surcharges are also put aside in these 3 Careem packages.


These 3 Careem monthly packages are only available for Careem Go services and the payment is done via credit in the customer wallet.  However, you can also use your credit card to pay the bill.


As this is the start of Careem monthly packages so they offered 3 monthly packages which are listed below.


100 Km in Rs. 2,300

200 Km  in Rs. 3,440

400 Km in Rs. 8,100


A Price Breakdown Structure:

When any company introduces any type of promotion packages, the user always comes up a question that how much they will save through this package, so here is the complete price breakdown for all those who really want to know about.


The breakdown has been made to show how much a customer will save on per kilometer, so check out the complete structure for 100km, 200km or 400km packages.


Go Charges of Careem on Regular Basis


For 5 km in Rs. 132

For 8 km in Rs. 210

For 10 km in Rs. 263


 Now here you can check the saving that you can avail while using Careem monthly packages.


100 Km Careem Monthly Packages:


Careem Now Offered 3 Monthly Packages For Their users-2


5 km in Rs. 115

8 km in Rs. 184

10 km in Rs. 230


200 Km Careem Monthly Packages:


Careem Now Offered 3 Monthly Packages For Their users-3


5 km in Rs. 86

8 km in Rs. 137

10 km in Rs. 172


400 KM Careem Monthly Packages:


Careem Now Offered 3 Monthly Packages For Their users-5


5 km in Rs. 101

8 km in Rs. 162

10 km in Rs. 202


Now how Careem’s user can select their monthly offer:


However, these monthly packages strategy is because of the growth in their business model. This approach will also give them the opportunity to profit from unused credit.


So if you are a daily Careem user, these packages might be worthy when you are flooded by “peak fares” during pack hours.


Terms and Conditions:


Careem Now Offered 3 Monthly Packages For Their users-6


And at last the important thing you need to know about is the Careem term and condition. So before buying any monthly package from Careem, you must have to read these conditions.


Hope this article is helpful and informative for you, for further details about technology stuff and Mobile Price in Pakistan 2017 See here.


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