Facebook Rollout An Exciting New Feature Called ‘Did You Know’

Facebook has rollout a very exciting feature for its web and mobile app as well, as Facebook is a social giant and we all know that it always comes with something new for its users.  The feature named as” did you know”. That let’s the user to answer the specific question and lets you to post it on your wall.


Thee questions about yourself to hint friends into your secrets, dreams, goals and feelings. It seems like Facebook wants you to share more about yourself. That’s why Facebook launches new feature ‘did you know’.


This feature offers chance for users to answer questions about themselves more directly.


facebook did you know


How to use Facebook new feature ‘did you know’:


 First you need to sign in your account by typing username or password.


After that, you need to visit your profile.


Once you visit your profile you need to scroll down and after friend section you find did you know feature, there you find different question.


To answer your question you need to click on the question, and at the bottom you can find add your question. Or else you can change the question by simply click on new question.


facebook did you know


The feature is set up like a questionnaire, where users will answer questions about themselves. The answers of users will then be shared directly with their feed.


Here is example of the questions that could pop up in the “did you know?” section:


The person I’d trust with my life is…

Between the morning and the night, I Prefer…

My favorite activity as a kid was…

My favorite family tradition is…

Three things I couldn’t live without…


facebook did you know


Once a user completed the questions and answers session, they will go live as a colorful status update. It is so clear that Facebook is trying to get its users to share more personal information on their platform again.


The new application is similar with an app named as tbh, collect user personal data by asking personal information by user. This new feature works same as the tbh but with bit different style.


Hope you like this feature, may be you already aware of this feature, if you like this feature do tell us in the comment section.


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