Facebook Now Let’s you to mute annoying friends, pages and groups for 30 days

 Facebook as we know that a social media platform, and has a millions of users.  Now you can find anyone over there, your friends, parents, your siblings using, your tailor and even a sweeper is using a Facebook.


And in some awkward situation, we do accept people in our friends list even when we do not want them there.


facebook mute feature-1


And usually, it happens that a friend continues to express opinions or shares stuff that we find annoying. In this case what we do is, we unfollow or unfriend them. Unfollowing is a great option but once you unfollow someone, it’s just same as, that we are outing them from our lives.  Out of sight, out of mind. In this scenario we completely forgot those annoying friends. And when we meet them and they asked” why you won’t comment on my posts and blah blah… you got confused and you are speechless.


As Facebook is a huge platform, and comes up with some unique stuff. So this time Facebook bring up a mute button that lets you to mute annoying friends, pages and groups for 30 days.


facebook mute feature-2


You might think that what will you do after 30 days, so once you completed the 30 day duration it will again asks you for feedback on whether you need to mute this person again or not or want them back in your newsfeed.


 This is a thoughtful feature, as it helps the user to look back if they wish to, for more details about the Android phone price in Pakistan.


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