Facebook Messenger Now Lets You To Send Money Using PayPal

“Send money now via Facebook Messenger, as the Facebook payment method get a boost at the forefront of Apple PayPal”.


Facebook a tech giant bring few features for its users, always comes up with something that we are not expecting. A few days back facebook adds a screen sharing to Facebook live feature.


And now facebook bring a new feature that lets you send and receive money from your clients. Now paying people in just a single go.


Facebook Messenger Now Lets You To Send Money Using PayPal


Facebook messenger has already supported sending money via its platform for a few years, but you had to use a debit and credit card.


Facebook brings PayPal into the fold, a new PayPal facebook messenger bot is also new, handling account information in-app without leaving the facebook messenger.


How to access Facebook Messenger payment method using PayPal:


Facebook Messenger Now Lets You To Send Money Using PayPal


Accessing this feature is much easier and similar as you pay with your debit and credit card.


First, you need to open up your messenger like you do, then you need to click on the blue plus icon.


Then tap on the green Payments button, it will show you two options, pay via debit or credit and via PayPal. You need to select PayPal over there.


After selecting  PayPal. That’ll permit you to connect your PayPal account with Messenger and that’s it.


Facebook Messenger Now Lets You To Send Money Using PayPal


It’s quite easy to stuff and easy to handle too. And if you usually use facebook messenger for payment, it is trouble-free for you.


So in this way you can easily send and received money via facebook messenger using PayPal.


In addition to the expanded payment functionality, you’ll now also be able to chat with a PayPal bot. The bot will give you support on the following, requests for help, answering questions, and reset passwords.


The new facebook PayPal feature is limited to the US as of now. And it is also expected that we first look this feature on iOS, and later on for Android devices.


So at last, what do you think about this Facebook messenger payment feature? Will you use it or not? Tell us your views about this feature.


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