Delete Worst Apps: Stop Battery Drainage Issue And Increase The Performance Of Handset

“The main concern of everyone nowadays is Draining Battery issue, now you can improve your Smartphone performance by deleting unnecessary stuff”.


Having Smartphone is fun..!! Because it has so many things on it, Smartphone user we have multiple apps. The worst apps for Draining battery your Android Smartphone battery life has been revealed in this post so read this article and get to know some facts.


You might be surprised, but that’s so true, most popular and rich in feature apps including Facebook, Netflix, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and Google Map all in the feature list.


The report is made by Avast, which identifies the worst apps for hogging data traffic, eat storage, and affect the overall performance of your Handset.


You can increase the performance of your handy by deleting these apps from your Smartphone.


With Facebook, for instance, you can get rid of the app and use the social network in your web browser instead.


Switching from Google docs comes in the worst app category for affecting overall performance.


Some apps can’t be deleted; In this case, Avast recommends limiting notifications from them and reducing background programs refresh intervals and location data usage.


Delete Worst Apps: Stop battery drainage issue And Increase The Performance Of Handset-1


Worst apps battery drainage and lower handset performance:


The categories have been divided into a list, one for the apps that automatically run at the beginning, and another that you open by yourself.


Battery Life:


The  7 worst apps that drainage battery life, which automatically run when you turn your phone.


WhatsApp Messager

Samsung Security Policy Update

Google Map



DU Battery Saver


The 6 worst apps that drain battery life, which users use itself, are:


Samsung video editor



Spotify Music

Microsoft Outlook

ES File Explorer File Manager


Uses More Data:

On the other hand, worst apps that use more data traffic, which automatically run when you turn your phone on, are.




WhatsApp Messager

Google chrome

DU battery life

The weather channel


Another worst apps, that use more data, when you open them by yourself.




Spotify Music

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Microsoft Outlook

BBC News


So if you are using data plan I must recommend you not to use these above apps, especially social apps these apps hogged more data.


Delete Worst Apps: Stop battery drainage issue And Increase The Performance Of Handset-2


Eat Storage:

The worst apps that eat more storage, which automatically runs when you turn your phone on, are below.



Facebook Messenger


Amazon Kindle

Google map

Google chrome

Google quick search box


The worst apps that eat more storage , when you open them by yourself.


Spotify Music


Photo Grid

LINE: Free Calls & Messages


PicsArt Photo Studio


Facebook, Instagram, and Kindle are mainly bad because they store local cache files, photos or books, said by Avast in its report.


Now a days, for everyone smartphone is the main things our lives don’t complete without this, get to know that which app is hitting more on battery, the performance of the smartphone, data usage, and storage is important so that we can manage, said by Avast.


Delete Worst Apps: Stop battery drainage issue And Increase The Performance Of Handset-3

The issues half reduced if we control, on picture messenger tool Snapchat, social media giant Facebook and music streaming app like sound cloud, said by Avast.


If we control, on these two to three top ranked apps that battery drainage and then we will get to know the problem will reduce quarterly.


What do you think about this, please share your reviews in the comment blog?


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