Can I Leave My Phone Plugged In All Night

“Can I Leave My Phone Plugged In All Night?  Yes, keeping your smartphone plugged in overnight is okay to do, so here is a justification”.


The majority of the people asked it is harmful to leave your smartphone plugged in overnight?  And it is the most relevant question we could ask.


So I have decided to come up with this, as we all have done this before going to sleep, you plug your phone into the charger, so it gets a full charge while you sleep through the whole night.


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The reason behind this doing is to have 100 percent charging smartphone’s battery. But when you started listening, leaving your phone plugged in all night damages the battery and direct effects the battery life. So, you start searching your query.


Before starting the core detail about the charging phone overnight myths, I will give you the answer first, yes you can leave your phone plugged in all night? So it is very important to get to know about the old advice,  so read this post for the nitty-gritty.


Background idea of batteries:


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You might aware of that majority of today’s tech runs on lithium-ion batteries. Years ago, the batteries were primarily made of nickel.


Lithium batteries played a key role in the phone revolution. They are able to hold a lot of power and moreover compact in size. Which allowed mobile phones to become increasingly small and thin. Also, lithium batteries have a much better lifetime and its charge more quickly.


Heat the battery destroyer:


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Now here we will discuss the most significant threat for the lithium-ion battery, the battery hates cold as well as dislike the heat. Later is more relevant when it comes to leaving your device plugged into its charger overnight.


The charging temperature for lithium-based batteries  i.e. the temperature at which a battery is capable of receiving a charge is 32° to 113?. Meanwhile, lithium-based batteries can discharge at temperatures as low as -4?.


A battery can hold more than its capacity, after realization a full charge the battery expands the excess power by giving it off as heat. Overnight charging becomes a problem when a battery has no way to reroute the incoming current after reaching its capacity.


Smartphones use battery power smartly:


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Batteries used in a mobile device today are still mostly the same as they have been for almost two decades, but the devices that they power have become much, much smarter.


Nowadays we have less to worry about when it comes to the battery health because power optimization has been put on the shoulders of the software running these devices.


Thus, we get to the answer to our main question: Should we leave our smartphones plugged in overnight? The answer to this question is a resounding sure, why not?


The main danger in leaving your smartphone plugged in overnight was allowing the battery of your device to get hot and remain hot through the rest of the night.


However, our mobile devices have gotten much smarter.


Smartphone battery charging greatest practices:


Try to keep your battery’s charge level between 40 percent and 80 percent power. This is so obvious that this won’t always be possible.


Do not try to use, fast charging every time when you charge, the battery is getting excess heat more often than it should.


Once the battery dies completely, charge it to full capacity while leaving its power off. And then turn it on.


The battery is the most crucial component, so you can’t ignore that fact, and it is very important being a smartphone user to have a good battery and keep our phone battery safe.


What do you think about this about overnight charging? Have you ever seen the battery life reduced by doing overnight charging? Do comment below and tell us your opinion.

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